9. Sharing Connections
So, what can the IC say about all possible states of consciousness, infinitely tied to the big bang and the end of the universe “at the same time” and every interacting subatomic particle, including the infinite energy that exists within a vacuum, which itself is a sea of fundamental particles within the set of all things, that continuously come into and go out of existence? Well, a least a little. The part of C that we participate in (HC) could be a “byproduct” of the traveling electrical waves that exist only in neuronal activity; electron clouds interacting with each other as waves and chemical interactions in synapses. Or it could be that interacting electron clouds similarly make up something that is going on as part of the fabric of the universe, analogous to what is going on in our brains. Are the interacting electron clouds in our brains so special that no other interactions can be part of C? How fortunate are we to be an assembly of interacting electron clouds that is aware? Is it even more fortunate not only to be aware (in the sense of raw sentience), but aware in such a way that we realize our state IC within C? Are we fortunate enough to realize the nature of our participation with each other in HC that is a part of C? Is it possible that we are at the same time “nothing special” in the sense that all things participate in C, and “spectacularly special” in the sense that HC contains ineffable awe and deep compassion as we reach out to each other within HC? My last thought comes from the life perspective of having both joy and suffering that are far beyond my ability to express: with all the Fs and Es we’ve been through in this life, it is a relief to find treasures in C that are priceless, like sharing profound connections with loving family and friends. Peace.