8. Spirituality and C
I will nearly finish this set of thoughts by relating one other thought. There are experiences people have of overwhelming unity with creation, the universe, with all human kind or beyond human kind. There are words that are often used in religious settings associated with these experiences. I am only dimly knowledgeable about non-Judeo-Christian traditions, but I can borrow from words within the tradition in which I was raised. So I ask myself, what would we call a person who is in touch with C? What if we met someone who told many people they were out of touch with C and others that they were “very near” C? To what degree can one HC be connected with C? Commune with C? What does it mean to be “one in being” with C? Does “one in being” mean intimately connected? Or something more? Less? Else? What if more and more people came closer to being “one in being” with each other and with C? What would we call that process? Should we try to think of another word for C that better describes C? It is interesting that C.S. Lewis said God is “something like a mind”, yet others have called the word “God” a delusion. So it looks like there would be too much disagreement about using the word “God” for C. Funny, it seems there is a lot of disagreement within HC about that word. Yet I wonder, could both atheists and theists talk about C? So strange how language is both a gateway to deep, shared understanding and at the same time it can seem like we’re in the Tower of Babel, even when speaking in the same native tongue. How curious it is that in the early Christian tradition the manifestation of the Divine imbuing people (what is called the Holy Spirit on Pentecost) came as clear communication between people who spoke entirely different languages. Setting traditional religious descriptions aside for the moment, it is curiouser still that they were telling each other how wonderful C was. This is a fascinating E within C.