6. “Size” of the Intersection ‎
There is this strange part of our IC we call communication. Communication is very large, including verbal, written, facial expressions, gestures, and we seem to have a sense from communication that we share Es with each other, or at least enough Fs within an E that we can relate about our various Es. So we have the experience when we know each other well that ICme Ω ICyou is not the null set; and far from it, it as a very full and rich set. Let’s think about ICme Ω ICyou. Let’s start by considering some beautiful experiences we may share together repeatedly over many years. When we share a sunset, or many beautiful sunsets over many years, the set of shared Fs within Ssunset me you = (ICsunset me Ω ICsunset you) is a large, beautiful and rich set S. But what explicitly are we participating in when we say we share this experience? I don’t know how we can answer this question except to reflect that our neuroanatomy and biology are similar, and we have the benefit of a relatively reliable reproducible material world, so that our shared experience within the universal consciousness C for this sunset Ssunset you and me is quite a large set. In essence the reliability of the material world and the similarity of our brains and biology are part of what allows us to conclude that the intersection of our conscious sets Syou and me might be quite large within C. And we can communicate about C which contains many wonderful Es and Fs for many Es we don’t share in time and space, but can share them through communication, increasing our Syou and me making this larger still. We can read and learn about many ICs and talk with each other about them and their rich and wonderful experiences, and in this way increase our Syou and me further. But this raises another question. This third person, IC3, are we not sharing in the same brain, biology, and material world with IC3? How many Fs and Es for IC3 did we just intersect with within C? What about friends of yours I haven’t met, historical figures, or Jesus Christ or Buddha? What is my intersection within C (or within HC) for them? What about humans not yet born? What about pets? So I will ask my question more broadly, how large is the set S = (ICyou or me) Ω [(∑all IC) Ω (∑all NHC)]?