5. Shared Consciousness
We are finally able to ask an important question with some clarity. For two individuals p and q who are ICp and ICq, what is the set ICp Ω ICq within HC? The reason I ask this question is: the answer to this question, or perhaps the question itself, has fundamental significance in the way one views life, each other, the universe, what some may call “God” and everything else within the C, the universal consciousness. It allows us to speculate on a question that naturally follows about the nature of the relationship between person p and q, and their relationship (a subset of HC) that they share. And that is, who or what are the potential non-human Cs within C, call them NHCs such that the intersection of an IC and NHCs may not be the null set within C? In other words, what is this consciousness that we are participating in? Keep in mind that the ∑all IC = HC, and the union of HC and NHC is C such that C = HC U (∑all NHC). But what I am explicitly asking is: what is the set S = (∑all IC) Ω (∑all NHC)? Is this the null set? It may or may not be depending on what in our universe “gives rise to” (is manifested by) consciousness and subjective reality. What about ICme Ω ICyou ? This is not the null set. What about ICme Ω ICyou Ω (∑all IC) ? This is not the null set either. How large is this set? And of what is it comprised? If it is not the null set then it is comprised of the Fs and Es, the factors and experiences making up common (= shared) human consciousness. So let’s talk about what we may mean by shared human consciousness and shared human experience