2. Sets and Consciousness
The set of all forms of thought, experience, memory, subjective representation of information, and emotions can be called the set C for all Consciousness; the set HC being the set of all Human Consciousness. Let’s be as broad as possible for the set C. “Thoughts” are intricate combinations of signals and information that for humans is made up of real and imagined time series of electromagnetic (visual), pressure (acoustic/hearing and touch), chemical interactions (smell and taste). In effect, a very small subset of all possible combinations of electromagnetic information may be related as a series of events, and that series may construct a vignette or a “story” that a storyteller may relate. But the combination of interacting particles through the exchange of electromagnetic quanta is virtually limitless. A very narrow and rudimentary sequence of these events is mapped (mathematically speaking) into our brains and replayed with sufficient reproducibility that we may relate this comparability narrow (yet seemingly limitless) series to each other through language. This is done so that others may in turn reproduce activity within their brains that is sufficiently similar for us to relate these events to each other. All the while keeping in mind that the activity in our brains is simply the same physics and chemistry of action potentials depolarizing (electromagnetic traveling waves) with liberation of neurotransmitters that will in turn raise or lower the threshold for adjacent neurons to undergo activation of similar traveling waves. And on and on the physics of brain activity churns until the organism expires. All of it in our brains, electromagnetic waves, particles interacting with each other through exchanging photons that is the basis for all and molecular interactions above the subatomic level, is a large (in human terms) subset of all of the electromagnetic interactions that are taking place in an even larger set of particles interacting (shall I say “relating”) to each other in the universe. This is simply to attempt to illustrate how large and varied the superset of consciousness C may possibly be. I say “may” since we only have access to the small human consciousness (HC) subset. So lets talk about consciousness C and human consciousness HC and what an individual conscious IC may be experiencing in more detail. (Note, the symbol used for union is sets is U, and the intersection of sets is an upside down U. On this website the symbol for intersection is Ω (omega), because the standard upside down U is rendered as a weird looking C in some browsers, so the omega symbol, which looks similar to the standard symbol, is used for the intersection of sets.)